Coriander flowers pictures, information. Coriander flowers pictures, information.

A native to Southwest Asia and North Africa, coriander is probably one of the oldest known herbs. It has been cultivated for at least 3,000 ...

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Acanthus flowers pictures information. Acanthus flowers pictures information.

Geographical origin: South eastern Europe, eastern Mediterranean areas, north eastern Italy and western Turkey.  Acanthus  are large plants ...

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Yellow lily flowers pictures. Yellow lily flowers pictures.

Asiatic Lily  'Medallion' COLOR: yellow HEIGHT: 26" LOCATION: Sun DURATION: June - July USE: Bedding plant, cut flower. ZONE: 3...

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Red rose blooming video. Red rose blooming video.

Red rose blooming video.

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Succory ,chicory flowers herbs. Succory ,chicory flowers herbs.

Biological Name :  Cichorium intybus                                                                                                        ...

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Saffron flowers details. Saffron flowers details.

Saffron crocus Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae Division: Spermatophytae Subdivision: Angiospermae (unranked): Liliopsidae Order: ...

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Snowball flowers. Snowball flowers.

Common name Common Snowball Viburnum Botanical name Viburnum opulus Variety Bloom color White Bloom time spring-summer Light part sun Height...

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Milkwort flowers. Milkwort flowers.

 Wild milkwort flowers.   Each stem terminates in a spike-like raceme of purple flowers about ¾-4" in length. The central stalk of the ...

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Flowers cards designs ideas. Flowers cards designs ideas.

Flowers cards designs ideas.

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Bugloss flowers. Bugloss flowers.

  C ommon Name : Viper's Bugloss,   Blueweed, Blue-devil, Blue thistle, Blue Echium - The name Bugloss has survived several cultural tra...

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Thyme flowers. Thyme flowers.

  Thyme: Thyme, like many herbs, does best in well drained exposed positions and is one of the easiest herbs to grow. The aroma comes from a...

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Bramble flowers. Bramble flowers.

Rubus fruticosus (Bramble or blackberry flowers)   A name often referring to the native blackberry bush, a thorny perennial plant that can o...

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