Marvel of Peru flowers pictures. Marvel of Peru flowers pictures.

Mirabilis Jalapa    The four o'clock flower-Mirabilis jalapa, this popular garden plant is starting to bloom in July. The flowers open i...

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Cypress flowers pictures. Cypress flowers pictures.

The Cypress vine will bear flowers every day from July until the end of September, though not as many as Ipomoea purpurea. The species is so...

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Mezereon flowers pictures. Mezereon flowers pictures.

Mezereon (Daphne Mezereum) perennial shrub, March-April, 40-120cm high This plant is also known as “tormented throat” as it contains toxins ...

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Borage flowers pictures. Borage flowers pictures.

Borage, which is also called the starflower originated in Syria, but spread throughout the Mediterranean region, as well as Europe, North Af...

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Hop flowers. Hop flowers.

The ancient Romans grew hops as a garden plant and ate the young spring shoots which are reminiscent in taste of asparagus. English country ...

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Currant flowers pictures. Currant flowers pictures.

  Red-flowering Currant (Ribes sanguineum) is a Pacific Northwest native deciduous shrub. and member of the Currant family (Grossulariaceae)...

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Hortensia flowers. Hortensia flowers.

Botanical Name:   Hydrangea macrophylla                                                  Common Name:  Big leaf hydrangea, Hortensia, Lace-c...

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Crown imperial flowers pictures. Crown imperial flowers pictures.

  Botanical Name:   Fritillaria imperialis                           Common Name: Cr own imperial                                         N...

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Cornflowers pictures. Cornflowers pictures.

  Description:  Bachelor's button grows one to three feet tall with innumerable fluffy but trim round flowers held above the rather spar...

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Pincushion protea flowers pictures. Pincushion protea flowers pictures.

  This flower is known as Leucospermum in the scientific world. It is part of the Proteaceae family. In addition, this family of plants has ...

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