Red-flowering Currant (Ribes sanguineum) is a Pacific Northwest native deciduous shrub. and member of the Currant family (Grossulariaceae).

Found along coastal areas from British Columbia, south to central California, it is well known as a hummingbird bush. The red flowers are early bloomers, making them a first stop for the hummingbirds following the Pacific Flyway on their northern migration.
Many of the plants in the Ribes genus are berry plants, including the Red-Flowering Currant. While its berries are edible.

A deciduous spring flowering garden shrub that is easy to grow,  giving a huge display of many bright coloured clusters of scented flowers in late March, early April.
The scented flowers attract early spring insects like bees, and the bunches of dark-blue or black berries become that ripen during the late summer, are enjoyed by wild birds.
There are quite a variety of colours and species of Flowering Currant, all of which are tolerant of most soil types, and require little care, besides occasional Autumn pruning, growning to a height of 2-2.5m  makes it ideal for creating an informal hedge.

Popular Varieties

“King Edward VII” – Deep crimson flowers – March-April
“Tydeman’s White” – White Flowers – March-April
“R. odoratum” or (Buffalo currant) – Yellow – April
In my garden the Flowering Current is in a semi -shaded position getting sun from the rise till late morning.